What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean?

Sent as SMS via Server: What Does it Mean and How to Stop It?

If you use an Android device, you might have seen a notification on your phone that says “Sent as SMS via Server” when sending messages. What does this message mean? Why does it show up? And how can you resolve it? This comprehensive guide aims to answer these questions and provide helpful information on sending SMS messages through a server. Let’s discover the answers together!

Sent SMS via Server: Basic Overview

Android users have been left confused by the presence of the text receipt saying “Sent as SMS via Server.” They are seeking clarification on its meaning and solutions to stop it. This article aims to provide comprehensive explanations of the term “Sent SMS via Server” and suggests practical methods to prevent it.

What does “Sent as SMS via Server” Mean on Android?

When you see the message “Sent as SMS via server” on your Android smartphone, it means that the person you intended to text is not currently connected to RCS (Rich Communication Services).

RCS requires both individuals to have an active RCS service profile to enjoy a smooth and enhanced texting experience. However, if the recipient’s connection is unstable, RCS resorts to sending your message as a standard SMS to prevent significant delivery delays (since it’s impossible to know when the recipient’s connection will be restored).

In such cases, rather than failing to deliver your message, RCS sends it as an SMS through its server as a backup option. The message “Sent as SMS via server” indicates that the SMS was transmitted by RCS’s server instead of your phone. As a result, you will not receive the typical read receipts (“Sent, Delivered, Read”) because this information is not passed on to you.

How to Turn Off Sent as SMS Via Server? (3 Simple Methods)

If you do not want to receive messages sent through the server as SMS, try the following methods to prevent it.

1- Enable the “Show when Delivered” Option

To prevent messages from being sent as SMS via server, you can start by activating the “Show when delivered” setting in your phone’s Settings. Follow the steps below to enable this option.

  1. Head over to the Messaging app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and then open the additional settings.
  3. Next, select the first option, referring to text messages.
  4. You will find the “show when delivered” option, typically deactivated as the default setting.
  5. Switch it on to activate it.

2- Enter Into Safe Mode

To address the issue of “send as SMS via Server on Android,” an alternative solution is to access your device using safe mode.

  1. Switch off your phone:
  2. Hold the power button until the device’s logo appears and the phone powers on.
  3. Now, press and hold the volume down button.
  4. Look for “Safe mode” displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  5. Select “OK” to initiate a restart in safe mode.

3- Clear Device Cache

To resolve the issue of “sent as SMS via Server on Android,” you can try clearing the cache memory of the messaging application responsible for the problem. Clear the cache of the messaging app and see if the message continues to show up. To do this, simply:

  1. Go to the menu screen on your phone and tap Settings.
  2. After that, scroll down and select Apps. 
  3. Look for the Messaging app on the apps screen and tap on it. 
  4. Then, scroll down and tap on Storage. 
  5. In the storage screen, you will find the Clear Cache option in the lower right corner.

Final Words:

With the various solutions provided to resolve the error of “sent as SMS via server”, all you need to do is choose one to apply. Additionally, if you encounter any other problems, such as unlocking an Android phone without a password, you can seek assistance from any Android Unlocker.

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